Retaining South African Citizenship

South African citizens

If you are a South African citizen who is considering obtaining Australian citizenship then you should consider whether you you wish to retain your South African citizenship.

The South African Citizenship, (Act 88 of 1995) provides the Minister of Home Affairs or their officials the power to strip a South African Citizen of their citizenship Chapter 3, section 6.1 states the following: Subject to the provisions of subsection (2), a South African citizen shall cease to be a South African citizen if- (a) he or she, whilst not being a minor, by some voluntary and formal act other than marriage, acquires the citizenship or nationality of a country other than the Republic.

All South African citizens, aged 18 years or older, must apply and be granted permission to retain their South African citizenship before they obtain citizenship from another country. If prior permission is not gained they will automatically lose their South African citizenship on voluntary acquisition of another citizenship.

Taylor Made Immigration can provide a service to assist you with this process.

South African citizens should allow 3 to 6 months to obtain this permission.

Please feel welcome to Contact us if we can assist in this matter.

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