Skilled Visa Points Calculator

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa options require the visa applicant to pass a Points Test based on the individuals personal characteristics, qualifications, and experience. The minimum points score required to submit an Expression of Interest in being invited to apply for one of these visas is 65. Note however, that this is a competitive process and depending upon the visa subclass and occupation the minimum score of 65 points may not be sufficient to obtain an invitation to apply.

Please note:

  • this point calculator should only be used as a basic guide. The points calculated are based purely on the details that you input (it does not confirm eligibility for these points)
  • in addition to meeting the points requirement there are additional criteria that an applicant must meet
  • your skills and qualifications must be positively assessed as meeting those expected for the occupation you are nominating

Meeting the required points score will enable you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Dept. of Home Affairs (meeting the minimum points score does not in itself lead to an invitation to apply for a visa). The SkillSelect EOI process is a competitive system and EOI's within the system, on a regular basis invitations will be made to individuals meeting the departments priority criteria. EOIs can potentially remain in the 'pool' for a period of up to 2 years after which if not invited within that period they will be removed.

Skilled Visas: 189, 190 and 491

The skilled visa options that require you to meet the minimum points score are:

  • Subclass 189 Skilled Independent visa : a permanent residence visa
  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa: a permanent residence visa. Requires nomination from a state/territory.
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional): a temporary visa with a potential pathway to permanent residence assuming the eligibility criteria are met. Requires nomination from a state/territory or family member.
What is your age (NB: your age will be fixed at the time of application - not Expression of Interest). The maximum age to apply for a Skilled Independent visa is 44.
Points for English Test Results. Note that the Points Scored depend upon the results of an English test. If you have a passport from one of the following countries you are exempt from taking an English Test (UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, USA) but would not score points without the test.
The number of years of Skilled Employment, in your nominated occupation, undertaken outside Australia in the previous 10 years. (NB skilled = after qualifying as 'skilled' in your nominated occupation)
Skilled employment undertaken in Australia in the previous 10 years. (NB the total points score for Skilled employment inside and outside Australia cannot equal more than 20).
Highest level of education obtained. Do you hold one of the following qualifications, completed in Australia or an award an overseas qualification of a recognised standard. (NB Diploma's or trade qualifications must have been awarded by an Australian Institution. Relevant/Recognised Qualification/Award: Qualifications/Awards recognised by the appropriate skills assessing authority as being suitable for the occupation can also obtain 10 points.
Have you been awarded one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications course or courses at an Australian educational institution? (NB courses registered with CRICOS of requiring two or more academic years or study)
Have you been awarded a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) qualification from an eligible Australian education institution of either a Masters by Research or Doctoral Degree of at least 2 years in a relevant field?
Have you lived and studied in a Designated Regional area within Australia?
Have you obtained an appropriate NAATI qualification in a credentialled community language
Have you undertaken a 'Professional Year' on a gazetted professional course (eligible occupations only).
Partner Qualifications: (induces points for single applicants). Note that to claim Partner points for a skilled occupation the Partner would need a) an eligible occupation b) have a positive skills assessment in that occupation c) be aged<45 and d) have Competent English.
Are you eligible for, or have you obtained a State/Territory, or Designated State/Family Regional Area, nomination or sponsorship?
This Points Calculator is provided in good faith. It makes no representation that you would be eligible for the points scored or a visa application. Please confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions in respect of usage of the Points Calculator.
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