Academics & Graduates

For more information on visas or permanent migration options to Australia for Academics, Researchers or Graduates Contact Us.

Permanent Residence Visas:

Changes in Australian Migration Legislation and Policy made in 2012 greatly benefited Academics, Researchers and Graduates. Prior to that point obtaining the required number of points had been problematic as overseas qualifications had not contributed towards points. Secondly, recognising that Academics and Researchers generally take longer to qualify and gain the relevant they are one of very few categories of skilled applicant eligible for an exemption in respect to the maximum age of 50 requirement.

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Graduate Engineers:

Australia provides a specific visa aimed at Engineering graduates. Click the link for more details of the requirements that must be met to apply for the Engineering Graduate visa.

Graduate Work Visa:

Australia offers a specific visa aimed at graduates who have recently completed 2 years study in Australia. Click the link for more details of the requirements for the Graduate Work visa.

Temporary Visas:

There is a selection of temporary visas may be selected from depending upon the purpose of the visit. The relevant type of visa depends upon a number of factors (e.g. country of passport, length of stay, the activities you wish to undertake and whether you will be paid) the most appropriate visa will vary. Some can be applied for independently, others require the visa applicant to obtain prior sponsorship by an academic institution or eligible organisation.

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  • Training and Research Visa (402)
  • Business Short Stay
  • Business Long Stay
  • Post Study Work Visa (2013)

This page provides a brief overview of the visas and options available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might assist your needs.