Engineering Graduates

Australia recognises the value of Engineers to the country and provides a temporary visa option specifically aimed at Engineering Graduates enabling them to visit Australia for up to 18 months. During this time the visa holder is permitted to travel, work or study within Australia to experience what Australia has to offer.

Whilst on this visa an individual can apply for a permanent residence visa at any time they meet the relevant selection criteria. There is an extensive list of engineering occupations listed as in demand on the relevant occupation lists.

Taylor Made Immigration can assist interested graduates in managing their visa application process. Provision and assistance with completing the necessary application forms, advice on the required supporting document. Submission of the visa application and following up with the relevant authorities until a decision has been made.

As with all Australian visas there are selection criteria:

  • Engineering Graduate
  • completed an engineering degree (or higher qualification) at a prescribed University in the previous 24 months
  • be under 31 (at time of application)
  • English language skills
  • partners and dependent family members may be included in the application

This visa, valid for a stay of 18 months, is very generous in its flexibility, the holder can choose to undertake work, study or just to travel in any area of Australia they choose. This visa is especially useful for Graduates from countries that would not otherwise eligible for the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

The visa may provide a pathway to permanent residence options if the selection criteria and points passmark can be met for the Skilled Independent visa points test or through a sponsoring Employer.

For further advice on whether you would be eligible for this visa Contact Us, enclosing a copy of your resume.